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What is an Electric Bike?

Nov 27, 2016 0 comments

Many people are unfamiliar with what an electric bicycle is, and it is common for someone to imagine a scooter, dirt bike, or even a motorcycle at first thought. In fact, an electric bicycle is very similar to a normal bike. Picture your normal bike, upgraded with an electric motor, a controller, and a drivetrain.


Electric bikes are relatively easy to use as well. First things first, you must charge the battery. Charging your bike's battery fully can cost as little as 10-15 cents per day! A major draw to electric bikes is eliminating the daily cost of gasoline. Next, you turn the control system on then pull a trigger, twist the throttle, or pedal forward. One of these options will communicate with the control system to start. 


Pedal Assist Systems (PAS) require the rider to pedal the bike, while hand throttle only driving modes do not require the rider to pedal at all. The ladder mimics the behavior of a gas powered scooter very closely. All-in-all, electric bicycles are meant to supplement the human powered aspect of a bicycle. They are great for taking on an obstacle, such as a steep hill, without draining your energy.


Benefits of an Electric Bicycle

  • In the United States, a driver's license nor insurance are needed to operate
  • Can be used on and off the road, giving the rider flexibility to remain safe. This comes in handy during busy traffic hours!
  • More cost effective than gas powered alternatives
  • No gas exhaust means your transportation method is environmentally friendly
  • Ride up hill with minimal extra effort
  • Can be parked inside or outside in a bike rack with regular bicycles. This eliminates the hassle of parking.
  • Allows you to get outside and be active

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