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Chargd Electric Bikes was created with the main goal of providing people a fun, active, energy efficient to way commute or enjoy the outdoors. Our founder, Joe, has a love for fitness and is a big proponent of sustainability practices. Electric bicycles are a perfect synchronization of the two.

While studying abroad in Australia, Joe noticed just how important sustainability is for our Earth. One of the most immediate actions that can be taken by an individual is to switch to a low emission form of transportation. This is where electric bicycles come in to play. They have no carbon footprint, do not require any gas fuel, and can be fully recharged for about 10 cents a day! An action we can take today is to start commuting with an electric bicycle! 

We are able to provide the most competitive pricing available by forming relationships directly with our product's manufacturers. We ship directly from our manufacturer's ware house, cutting out all of the costs that get associated with brick-and-mortar locations, and passing on savings to our customers! All of our products are backed by a manufacturer's warranty.

Most products will ship via UPS, FedEx, or USPS First Class Priority mail. We accepts all major credit cards, Paypal, and ApplePay processed through the most secure 128-bit PCI compliant checkout process. We offer a price match guarantee, and every single purchase is backed by the Norton Shopping Guarnatee. 

It is our mission is to consistently provide excellent service to our customers, via phone, email, or chat support. Our support team can get you all of the answers you're looking for in a timely manner. 

Chargd will do everything possible to provide a world class shopping experience! If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to know more, you can reach Joe directly at

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